私たちは「こうありたい」「こうあるべきだ」と 考えております。

--How did you start "Greed"?

The brand I was working on before had the idea of ​​"I wish I had something like this", but Greed started to demand the perfection of the design. He became an adult himself and stopped thinking about clothes for just one season.

When I was young, I was looking for something nice at this moment, but now I want to make something with good quality that can be worn for a long time, and something that is more secure. At that time, a lot of girl brands came out. If you want something that is young and fun, you can't compete with such a brand, and you don't want to do that either.

Because I originally liked second-hand clothes, I wondered, "I wonder if I'm making something that can be worn even after decades, like second-hand clothes." That's why I started to develop materials because I had a geeky temperament to dig deep into everything. "Greed" started from there.